STERIL Specimen Containers are designed for collecting biological specimens, including urine, stool, sputum, peritoneal exudate, joint fluid and biopsy specimen for laboratory analyses.

The container is differentiated by a number of features. When supplied to the user, the screw cap is firmly locked on the container but provides a cap-container gap that is sufficient for ethylene oxide gas to reach and sterilize the inner surface of the container. On the other hand, when the cap is tightened following the specimen collection, it prevents any leak of the bio-hazardous content. The material used for producing the container is chosen for its lightness to ensure that it can be easily sucked up the chute into the overhead carousal carrier of the hospital but will resist breakage when the loaded container is designed to prevent side drip when a fluid specimen is into a test tube or another collector.

A scoop is available if the container specimen is intended for collecting stool for examination.

STERIL containers are available with caps in three colours – white, red and blue. They can be supplied in bulk non-sterile packing, bulk sterile packing and single sterile packing in a peel pouch designed specifically for OR use.

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