STERIL Medical Private Limited was incorporated in Singapore in November 1988

The company manufactures a wide selection of medical disposables. Its manufacturing activity covers initial design, prototype testing and eventual mass production for in-house products as well as OEM products.

STERIL Medical’s products are used extensively in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dialysis centres and laboratories.

The company works with local and international distributors and agents to market their products while they concentrate on product research and design and improving their manufacturing process.

Over the years, we have achieved and still believe firmly in our Goals & Objectives:

Become recognized as one of the good manufacturers of medical disposables in the region.

Continuously provide room in the organization for good people to express their knowledge, skill and talent for self-fulfillment and contribute to organizational growth.

Create wealth that can be shared by all stakeholders including shareholders, employees and customers.

Retain customers by unfailing attention to their needs, respect for their ethics and sharing of experiences, grievances and success.

Manufacture products and provide service with qualities that always exceed customer expectations.