STERIL MVAC Wound Drainage System represents a range of sterile disposable vacuum bottles for post-operative wound drainages.

High Vacuum Drainage Sets (HVS)

These are available in 3 volumes – 600ml, 400ml and 200ml.

All bottles are ready for use pre-vacuumed with a negative pressure of (-)600mm Hg. The in-use residual pressure is monitored qualitatively by an indicator on the bottle.

The 200ml bottle is designed for patients who wish to go home soon after surgery but must continue with the wound drainage. It is uniquely shaped to fit over the curves of the chest, abdomen and lower limb, allowing it to be conveniently strapped to these areas.

Connecting Tube & Drainage Catheter Connector

Every starter set is supplied with a Connecting Tube and a versatile Connector for connecting the different sizes of the wound drainage catheters.

Low Vacuum Systems

In areas of surgery where there is need for low pressure suction alternative methods of drainage are available.

The LVS System, which comes with a 600ml bottle and a housing that controls the suction pressure at (-) 150mm Hg.

The NG Connector, which is a special connecting tube that can fit any of the HVS vacuum bottles (600ml, 400ml, 200ml). An attachment on the connecting tube regulates the suction pressure at between (-) 120mm and (-) 150mm Hg.

Controlling the negative pressure at the critical level of (-) 150 mm Hg ensures that the bottle will effectively drain wounds or the hematoma from the joints immediately following knee or hip arthroplasty. On the other hand, the pressure is maintained at a minimum of (-) 120mm Hg to prevent stasis in the lumen of the drainage catheter and subsequently blockage of the catheter and system failure.

Medifix Needles & Drains

The needlees that are used in the MVAC Systems are designed with tri-cut tips with precise cutting slopes. The tip easily perforates any musculocutaneous flap. They are for single use and supplied connected to the drainage catheter of the same gauge.

Joining the catheter and the needle ends is also controlled precisely to ensure that when the catheter is withdrawn from the wound, the catheter does not lacerate the margin of the exit and that there is no possible leak between the catheter wall and the surrounding tissue of the tunnel created by the perforating needle.

The Drainage Catheters used with the MVAC System are 50cm long with a 14cm perforated section. The catheters are available from Size CH6 to CH14.

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