STERIL Disposable Tourniquet Drapes comprise a range of surgical drapes that can be used in suturing of the distal segments of the fingers and toes and specific surgical procedures such as wedge resection or avulsion of the nails, repair of mallet fingers, incisions and drainage, skin grafting, wound debridement and amputation.

The unique feature of the drape is its elastic aperture, which on application to the base of the digit creates even circumferential pressure (tourniquet effect). The aperture diameter and applied pressure can be lowered by making radical cuts around the aperture.

The purpose of the drape is to control site bleeding and quicker completion of the surgical procedure.

The Circumcision Drape is a modified version of the high tourniquet drape. It is designed for circumcision, where surgical amputation of the prepuce is inevitably accompanied by immediate and profuse bleeding that is difficult to control. The elastic aperture which is applied to the root of the penis controls bleeding so that the blood vessels can be identified for haemostasis by litigation or diathermy coagulation, and procedure accompanied without haste and trying impatience.

The products are highly recommended for the surgical procedures mentioned.

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