STERIL Suction Catheters are designed with two different connectors that are used for controlling the suction pressure.

The Thumb-Control connector has the unique feature of an attached cap that can fit the pressure release outlet and instantly incease the suction pressure to the maximum. This accessory provides the user a means of getting the catheter to suck at maximum negative pressure without having to apply his or her thumb continuously over the control outlet.

The cap can be easily detached with a slight tug if the user does not wish to use it.

The Finger-Control connector also has a cap that can fit the control outlet of the connector and attaining maximum suction pressure during use.

Both types of the suction catheters are designed with open tips and opposed eyes that are electronically treated to remove residual burrs on their edges which otherwise could cause trauma to the airway mucosa during therapy.

The catheters are 40cm long and available from CH 6 to CH 16.

ALL Steril catheters are manufactured from DEHP-free polyvinyl chloride resin to conform to safety standards that protect patients from potential toxic or carcinogenic additives.