STERIL supplies a range of Self-Seal Pouches for steam sterilization. These see-through flat pouches, which are available in different dimensions, are ideally suited for medical practitioners utilizing steam autoclaves for sterilization of surgical instruments, drapes or gauze. They are identified by their characteristics transparent green-coloured multi-layered plastic film and the STERIKINGĀ® brand.

The pooches are designed with a chevron release edge at one end and an opening at the opposite end. The item or items to be autoclaved are inserted through the open end of the pouch which is then sealed by adhesion of the two layers of the pouch.

A steam sterilization indicator on the pouch changes colour at the end of the sterilization process. Perfect closure of the pouch enhances the shelf-life of the sterilized items.

The pouches are manufactured by WIPAK and conform to international and EU standards relevant to healthcare facilities where medical devices are packaged and sterilized.

Also available are standard flat and gusseted reels.

For Details, contact Dr Yap at sky@sterilmedical.com