Designed for ligation of piles, the device works according to the traditional method of Elastic Band Ligation and is primarily indicated for management of internal piles, ideally the second degree type.

The device comes with a loading cone that helps to mount the elastic ligating band onto the ligator spindle and advance it to the ligator ring.

The pile requiring treatment has to be fully eased into the ligator ring so that when the trigger of the device releases the band it will effectively strangulate the pile at its pedicle.

There are two ways to get the pile into position in the ring. One way is to apply a long curved Allis forceps to the pile and gently pull it into the ring. The better method is to apply a vacuum to the pile to ease it into position inside the ring. The device allows the adaptor of a suction machine to enable this essential part of the procedure.

An alternative model of the ligator device incorporates a simple attachment that mechanically creates the vacuum required without the need of connecting the device to a suction machine.