STERIL manufactures Disposable Ophthalmic Drapes for ocular surgery, including basic aperture drapes for T&S of periorbital wounds, incision and curettage of chalazions and hordeolums, smaller aperture drapes for cosmetic surgery and more complex aperture incised drapes for Lasik surgery and cataract surgery.

Different materials, including non-woven, polyester and DUPONT Sontara, are available for fabricating the drapes.

The apertures of the drapes are cut to different shapes and dimensions and available with or without affixed incised films.

STERIL Standard Ophthalmic Drape is a square drape with a central aperture that is covered by an incised adhesive film thinly made to fit over the uneven orbital area. The drape is also designed with two parallel folds that can direct the fluid used for operative irrigation to a fluid collection bag on either side of the aperture overlying the operation site.

STERIL Medical is ready to manufacture drapes according to specifications and include them, if necessary, in customized surgical sets.

Contact Dr Yap at sky@sterilmedical.com for more information.