STERIL Sterile Oculopads are designed for comfort, absorbency and retention of blood or other discharge when they are applied as postoperative dressing following ocular surgery.

Every eye pad is constructed of compressed cotton wedged between layers of non-woven which is hydrophillic on the outer side and hydrophobic on the inner side. The non-woven layer allows the fluid discharge to be rapidly absorbed into the cotton layer while stopping a reverse run-through. The dressing therefore keeps the site of operation dry while it prevents blood or discharge from staining the visible outer layer of the pad.

STERIL Sterile Oculopads are available in different forms as as described in the product list.

  1. Oculopad Standard Type is used for routine post-operative dressing.
  2. Oculopad Standard Type S is used for post-operative dressing in children.
  3. Oculopad Standards Type XL is designed for ophthalmic surgery that is accompanied by relatively large blood extravasation following the operation.
  4. Oculopad Half-Type is half the size of the Standard Type and is used in cases that require prolonged dressing to absorb the tiny amount of residual discharge from the operation site.
  5. Oculopad Thin-Type is used for long term absorption of lachrymal secretion as the result of duct obstruction because of lacrymodacryocystitis or surgical complications.
  6. Oculopad Strabismus is used for management of strabismus in children. The adhesive is a non-woven plaster that is hypoallergenic and can be used for prolonged periods to occlude vision of the good eye. the non-woven adhesive is white, skin-coloured or black. The occlusive pad is made of black or white linen. The pad is supplied sterile to prevent possible infection from the close contact between the child’s eye and the linen pad.