STERIL Perineal Drape Set is designed for surgical procedures in the perineal area, such as saucerization of perianal or ischiorectal abscesses, evacuation of thrombotic piles, pile ligation, gynaecological dilation and curettage and marsupialization of Bartholin cysts.

The set consists of a body-length lithotomy drape and a pair of leggings, all made from DUPONT ‘Sontara” materiel. The lithotmy drape can be supplied with an attached collection bag for the blood or pus and other debris that are produced by the surgical procedure.

The set is supplied sterile wrapped in a PE trolley cover, and can be supplied complete with a 4-compartment procedure tray, disposable sponge forceps and surgical gown. The disinfectant PVP-iodine solution is another optional item.

Contact Dr Yap at sky@sterilmedical.com for more information.