STERIL Nasogastric Tubes are intended for short-term gastric suction to prevent distension and pressure on resected or anastomotic areas, gastrointestinal tract infections and ileus. They are also intended for aspirating gastric secretion for hyperacidity studies. They can be used for short-term oral administration of fluids and oral medicines.

Two types of nasogastric tubes are available – RYLES and LEVIN. The Ryles has a closed barium-filled tip while the Levin has an opened tip. Both catheters are provided with two pairs of opposed eyes and full-length intramural barium line.

STERIL nasogastric catheters are distinguished by several features. Its versatile connector actually combines a connector for gastric aspiration or feeding with another connector designed for fluid administration or diagnostic aspiration when a syringe has to be used. An attached cap replaces the spigot which is needed to stop gastric outflow. The tube is made with a durometer that allows the tube to pass through the nasopharynx with minimum resistance. The tip and eyes of the catheter are checked at the end of the manufacturing process to remove residual burrs that may cause mucosal trauma. The catheter markings include Hanson’s point which is a very useful and important landmark to guide users who have less experience inserting the catheters into their patients.

ALL Steril catheters are manufactured from DEHP-free polyvinyl chloride resin to conform to safety standards that protect patients from potential toxic or carcinogenic additives.