DUAL is a germicidal detergent that is used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, nurseries, veterinary clinics, animal and life science laboratories, homes and food processing areas.

Chemically, DUAL is a quaternary ammonium compound (QUAT) with good microbicidal activity, good detergent effect and low level toxicity.

DUAL is formulated using third generation QUATs which retain their activity in hard water and high anionic residues.

The disinfectant is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal against lipophilic viruses. It is, however, not sporicidal or virucidal against hydrophilic viruses.

DUAL is recommended as an economical substitute disinfectant for sanitizing non-critical surfaces such as floors and walls of public corridors, waiting rooms and toilets. They are also used for cleaning the surfaces of furniture as it does not ruin the furnishing coat on the wood.

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HUN 20 10 02 DUAL SPRAY 500ml