STERIL Wound Dressing Plasters are all provided with an absorbent pad cut to different sizes for correct application to different sizes of wounds.

The absorbent pad is designed for high absorbency of blood, serous or purulent discharge on the wound surface and prevents fluid seepage at the edges of the dressing. The surface of the pad in contact with the wound has low adhesion and the opposite surface shows minimum strike-through across the adhesive tape backing.

The tapes are made of either non-woven or waterproof transparent polyurethane material. Both are coated with an adhesive that is hypoallergenic. They are made thin so that they can conform well to the contours of different parts of the body.

The tapes resist tearing and migration.

For dressing large wounds tapes of 10 cm width are available in rolls of 10 metres for both types of material


Sizes available for both non-woven and transparent waterproof types

Product Size in cm

5 x 5

6 x 7

9 x 10

9 x 15


Non-woven 10 cm

Waterproof Transparent Polyurethane 10 cm