STERIL Disposable Circumcision Set is designed for circumcision for older children, adolescents and adults. The set comes complete with a plastic sponge forceps and surgical instruments of stainless steel for single use. The instruments include hemonstats, dissecting Adson forceps, needle-holder and scissors specially made for the transection of the prepuce.

Unique to the set is the Circumcision GARD which effectively prevents accidental cutting injury to the glans penis during the preputial transection and the circumcision drape which has a central fitting aperture that is applied to the root of the penis, preventing the uncontrollable bleeding following the transection. The Circumcision GARD is available separately, packed singly and sterile.

Using both the GARD and the compression drape, a clean transection at the level selected on the prepuce can be performed and at the same time the post-transection bleeding can be controlled and larger bleeding vessels clamped and ligated or diathermized.

The set also provides cotton balls, non-woven gauze for cleaning and dressing and a self-adhesive 1″ bandage for post-op application and compress. The set, when properly used, ensures that surgery can be completed within the hour and healing is less than a week.

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