STERIL Cirumcision devices are designed to assist circumcision for children and adults.

The PLASTIBEL is made for elective circumcision in noenates, infants and young children,. The device incorporates a protective bell that also serves as a platform for tying the ligature around the prepuce and also protector for the glans penis after the application of the ligature. The ligature is supplied with the device. The device is available with the bell diameters ranging from 1.1cm to 1,.8cm

STERIL Circumcision GARD is a stainless-steel plate with a central slit that is used to determine the level the prepuce will be excised and, during the excision,m prevent the tip of the glans penis from being cut accidentally. The device is available with slits that are 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm wide

Contact Dr Yap at sky@sterilmedical.com for more information on the two devices